Best Cocker Spaniel Leash [ Jan 2021 Updated]


When you love your dog, you want it to have fun and live like a happy dog. Don’t you?

Well, your Cocker Spaniel will significantly benefit from a leash that is specifically meant for them. Well, behavior in dogs is just not a desirable trait or an act of absolute obedience.

They actually have more freedom to explore, mark new locations, smell interesting spots and run along with new directions. The more freedom they get, the more self-confident and self-reliant they will become. They will have more exercise and fun without being too dependent on you.

Leashes are incredibly beneficial during the training sessions of cocker spaniels. They can use the retractable leash, especially to practice “back” or “heel” on walks. If you are facing control issues with your cocker spaniel, then you can take it to a secluded area and safe area to practice, but a leash is imperative for your successful practice session.

A leash will help you to monitor your dog where it’s going and avoid any unnecessary or dangerous distractions it might fall prey to. A leash doesn’t just give you control but also guarantees your pet’s safety as well.


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Different Types of Leash Cocker Spaniel 

If you are looking for some of the best leashes for your cocker spaniel in the market, then you can refer to the following top ten dog leashes. They are some of the highest-rated with most customer satisfaction that will fulfill your leash requirements.

Product Reference

iYoShop Dual Dog Leash

When you have a large dog, you know the struggles to take a walk with it, if you don’t get better control on the situation then chances are either you will get hurt, or your dog will get hurt. In the worst-case scenario, a third party will get badly injured. To avoid all this, you need a strong leash that won’t hurt your pet’s body but will give you the stability to control it as you wish just like this dual dog leash. It’s easy to clean yet so durable that it won’t fray over prolonged use. You can use it for months and still won’t find it looking shabby.

Cocker Spaniel


  • It’s heavy-duty and easy to clean
  • Tightly woven nylon bungee extension makes it’s more durable
  • Lightweight yet durable with double bungee extension
  • No tangle design for smooth side to side movement without messing the leash
  • Shock absorbent to reduce the feeling of being pulled
  • Gives enough room to run for energetic and powerful dogs
  • Comfortable padded handles to protect your hands from rope burns


  • Won’t be appropriate for smaller dogs or puppies

Blueberry Pet

If you are looking for a cost-effective leash for your cocker spaniel, then look no more. This is easily one of the sturdiest and budget-friendly leashes you can find in the market. The leash is perfect for getting your puppy trained on a walk. The leash is nylon-based classic style so that it will last longer than your average leash. It can be bought along with a matching collar so that your pet baby could look as stylish as ever. The machine wash factor also makes it easy to reuse for a long time.

Cocker Spaniel


  • It is a medium-size leash appropriate for the first training
  • It has a classic style, and the colour is quite eye-catching
  • The nylon fabric makes it comfortable for your pet
  • The high-density webbing makes it very durable
  • The leash can be bought with a matching collar and harness
  • Can be machine washed and dries quickly
  • The length is 5″, and breadth is ¾.”
  • Won’t tear easily


  • It won’t be comfortable around larger dogs.

TUG 360°

If you are looking for a variety that looks as stylish as any leash you have seen on social media, then this brand offers you the very best. There is practically a leash for every size and breed of dog. The easily adjustable retractable leash is a breeze when you want to take your dog on a walk or a run. If you are someone who loves outdoor activities, then you got to have this leash. It will make things so much convenient for you. And the best part, it’s tangle-free so you can carry it with you anywhere easily.

Cocker Spaniel


  • There are three different types of length available
  • The small leash is suitable for 35lbs or underdogs
  • The medium leash for 55lbs and under; large leash for 110lbs and underdogs
  • Easy-adjust retraction with 16ft tape leash
  • Tangle-free movement
  • Quick unlock feature with your thumb
  • Ergonomic anti-slip handle and firm grip
  • Heavy-duty internal coil


  • Can be challenging to carry around

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Have you ever wondered how hard it is to take the collar off and put it on even when you are in a hurry? If yes, then you would like this one. The brand is well known to make smart pet products so that the owners could have lesser struggles in raising their pet kids. The size, colour and varieties available in the range are remarkable. If you are someone who is into aesthetics irrespective of the product, whether it’s a pet product or something else, then you would love this range.

Cocker Spaniel


  • Easy on/off-hook makes it easy to secure on dog collars or harness
  • Available in different widths and lengths
  • Excellent training leads and compatible with different collars and harness
  • The customer care is always ready to handle any pet-related queries
  • The renowned and well-respected brand for its quality products
  • Available in different varieties, sizes and colours
  • Safe for pets and owners alike


  • Can be expensive

Ruff ‘n Ruffus

This chrome-plated snap hook makes it easy for you to take your dogs on a walk. You don’t have to struggle to put a leash on your dog when it’s getting impatient to do its business. This leash doesn’t easily snap so no matter how energetic your dog is, it will resist it. The leash also doesn’t get frayed easily so if your dog has a habit of chewing on its leash, then you can be assured that it won’t get damaged. There are also many freebies available with the leash that can make your dog walking experience so much easier.

Cocker Spaniel


  • Don’t easily snap, fray or chewed on making it highly durable
  • Chrome-plated snap hook with an extra-tough nylon ribbon
  • The brake and lock system can engage free mode or reel in your pet easily
  • Anti-slip handle with 16ft cord
  • Won’t be affected under fluctuating temperatures
  • Available freebies like one roll of plastic waste bags
  • Customer service is ready to help if conditions are unsatisfactory


  • May not be available everywhere


If you love outdoor activities like rock climbing or hiking, then you would recognize the material used in this lease. It’s that durable rope used for rock climbing that makes it the best choice for your pet in case it is strong enough to break ordinary leashes. The leash is a perfect accompaniment for taking your pet on a hike or camping. They will undoubtedly want to enjoy it, but having a leash will also make sure that they are well-protected at all times.  The soft padded handles are there so that you don’t stop the adventure due to a few unwarranted bruises.

Cocker Spaniel


  • Consists of ½ inch diameter rock climbing durable rope
  • Soft padded handles
  • Comfortable grip to avoid rope burn
  • Threads are  highly reflective providing safety during night walks
  • The 5 ft length leash gives freedom and control both
  • Add-ons like poop bags and collapsible silicone bowls available
  • Excellent for taking your dog on outdoor activities
  • Long-lasting and safe


  • Can be uncomfortable for smaller dogs

Primal Pet Gear

When you get a new puppy one of the first things to do for it is leash training. It would help if you had a leash which will make it feel comfortable wearing it, and this brand nails that aspect. It’s just not about controlling the aggression but also maintain discipline that these dual-handle leashes will provide you. The top quality material used will ensure that it doesn’t wear or tear easily as your pet goes on with its daily activities. It is the perfect training leash that can be used both on adults and puppies. It is suitable for dogs of all breeds.

Cocker Spaniel


  • Dual handles that will allow natural movement and better control over your dog walks
  • Control aggression and dominance with an adjustable leash that can be shortened or lengthened as per convenience
  • Thicker thumb release knob with a more robust clip that won’t break easily
  • It is highly suitable for medium and large dogs
  • Top-quality materials used with a one-year replacement warranty
  • Durable and won’t snap easily under immense pressure
  • Appropriate for training or everyday walks


  • Won’t be suitable for young puppies or smaller breeds

Friends Forever

There are times when you find that carrying a harness and collar along with a leash can be cumbersome. But not with this premium slip rope. This lightweight leash doesn’t require you to take a collar or harness with you as it’s a slip-on leash. This one size fits all leash makes shopping for pet leashes a lot easier when you are not overwhelmed with so many choices. This leash is appropriate for small dogs and puppies as it will be easy for them to carry around and hence get used to the feeling of being leased.

Cocker Spaniel


  • Premium slip rope which is a heavy-duty
  • Convenient and easy to carry around
  • Lightweight and durable
  • No collar or harness required
  • One size fits all
  • ½ inch thick cord and 6 feet long with adjustable loop
  • Comfortable to hold and won’t hurt the pet’s neck
  • Slip leash can be easily used on both small and large dogs


  • Won’t be that helpful for strong and aggressive dogs

Hi Kiss

This nylon leash is very helpful in providing the freedom f movement to your pets. When you are on a beach or outdoors, you want your dog to explore new places and sniff around new scents. Because that what they enjoy doing. With a shorter leash, you will end up being dragged around everywhere, and they won’t be having any fun either. This leash is super long, so you know that no matter where you are standing or sitting the leash won’t bother your pets exploring their environment. The twisting of the leash will also not tangle it as it’s made in a swivel-style to avoid it.

Cocker Spaniel


  • Freedom of movement with 15 feet length and 3/4” width
  • Great for beach, hiking, hunting, camping and swimming
  • The long leash allows them to wander and come on command
  • Nylon leash will outlast other leashes in comparison
  • Helpful as a backyard dog leash and off-leash dog training
  • Excellent for teaching obedience skills and dog recalls
  • Twisting is resisted due to swivel- style bolt snap


  • Can be a bit tough for medium-sized dogs

Max and Neo

Now every time you buy a pet product, you know you are doing something good for all those dogs that are deprived of a right home at a shelter. You can easily buy a leash from this brand, and they promise to donate a leash to a dog at a shelter for each purchase made. So if you are an animal lover, then you will definitely support the cause. The padded neoprene handle makes it easier to carry around and gives a comfortable grip. The reflective stitching also makes it easier to use in the dark.

Cocker Spaniel


  • Soft heavy duty nylon webbing
  • Good endurance quality for more extensive and heavier dogs
  • Comfortable and affordable at the same time
  • Padded neoprene handle for a comfortable grip
  • Heavy-duty metal clasp and reflective stitching
  • Lifetime warranty that makes it a convenient purchase
  • Philanthropic purchase as they donate one lease for every lease bought a rescue shelter


  • Available variety in style and colours is limited

How to ensure the best leash for my Cocker Spaniel? 

If you have ever gone to a pet shop or feeder’s supply which you must have if you own a dog then you know all leash look the same. But don’t go on their looks or price. You have to get a leash that is appropriate and comfortable for your dog. It just wouldn’t do if it’s aesthetically appealing and functionally a dud.

Despite its color or appearance, a good leash must function properly to help your dog behave properly. If it’s too tight or rough, then it will cause your cocker spaniel’s sensitive disposition harm. Your pet will feel uncomfortable, and instead of focusing on your commands, it will focus on getting rid of the discomfort it is causing.

Choose a leash that will not only last longer but also won’t become worn out too quickly. The lease you choose must always come with a solid, reliable and safe closure. This will ensure that in time of emergency your dog doesn’t break the contract and you have to run after him to catch it. But most importantly choose a lease that is the perfect size for your Cocker Spaniel.


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Why keep your English Cocker Spaniel on a leash?

Keeping you cocker spaniel on a leash is not just about displaying your authority as its master. It is merely a precautionary principle to avoid accidents.

Without a leash and even under proper training, sometimes your dog can get out of control when it crosses a female in heat, exposed to an unusual odour or food. If it’s not leashed correctly then it can easily escape its owner, attack other animals or even a child or other adults. It can impulsively cross a road and be run over or cause accidents.

How to make the leash a pleasure thing for your English Cocker Spaniel?

Having your cocker spaniel on a leash should not be thought of as a difficulty or constraint for you or your pet. Walking your dog on a leash can be a real moment of pleasure, relaxation and privilege for you and your dog.

It creates a bonding experience between you and your dog that will strengthen your affection and trust for each other. To achieve a healthy and loving relationship between you and your dog, you need to train your cocker spaniel on a leash as soon as possible.

If you want your training sessions to be on the best possible conditions, then make the right choice of the collar or harness. But don’t forget that choosing the right leash is also important. Your preference will also have to depend on the purpose of the leash, whether it’s for the sake of training, walking or any sports-related activity.

The age, weight and character of your cocker spaniel are also crucial while choosing the best leash for your pet

Which size should the leash of your English Cocker Spaniel be?

There are specific pointers that are essential to look out for a while choosing the right length of the leash for your dog like-

  • For puppies, you need a lanyard or a long leash as they are hyperactive and more curious at that time you need to give them the real freedom for a moment to learn eventually while exploring. You can change the size as the puppy grows, but they should never be kept on a tight leash that will ultimately retain their playfulness and loving character.
  • For medium size cocker spaniels, you can choose a leash of 1 to 1.2m is perfect for daily walks. It will give freedom of movement and also provide you with control to avoid unwanted incidents.
  • If you are fond of taking your pet on hikes and mountain climbing, then opt for a long leash or lanyard. They will remain attached to you and have the freedom to explore new places as well. During walks in the forest or countryside, they will want to smell lots of places. It’s typical dog nature. So instead of forcing those not to do it, you can use a longer leash to allow what they want to do while you can monitor their moments.
  • If you have a fully grown mature English cocker spaniel, then the chances are that they are more powerful and stronger for your average leash. Try a shorter about 50cm long and broader lead. It will give you control over the situation instead of being dragged away by your pet.

Which material to choose for a good leash?

The material of the leash will also play an essential part in how durable and long-lasting it will be. Here are some of the tips for choosing the right material for your cocker spaniels’ leash.

  • For young Cocker Spaniels choose nylon leashes are the best choice. They are soft and won’t be that abrasive for their delicate skin.
  • For an adult cocker spaniel choose something sturdier like leather. A good quality leather leash will be resistant and strong all the while being pleasant to handle.
  • For more powerful and larger breeds of cocker spaniel, heavier metal leashes are suitable. They will give you a firmer and tighter hold on them.


 A leash is an essential aspect of your pet’s life. Don’t make a choice that will affect the upbringing of your beloved animal friend. Looking for ruffwear,  tactipup, and retractable technologies can be overwhelming. Choose wisely, and you will find that they will experience a better lifestyle.

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