Tips and Advice-How do you crate train a Springer Spaniel Puppy?

Crate Training a Puppy

crate training puppies Dog crate training is required when you want to give your dog a proper house training and make him feel safe, thus avoiding any accidents in your house when you are not able to supervise your pet. Find out more about dog crate training here.

Crate Training Puppies – Dog Crate Training Tips And Advice

If you want to figure out more about crate training puppies, you are one of millions. Some dogs exhibit separation anxiety so extreme that they become destructive or incessantly bark until their owner arrives home.

These owners want a solution to this problem, and crate training could be the answer. Not only will this help your dog calm down once you leave, it will help your dog become house trained, as well. You can even break your dog from jumping into your bed to sleep at night.

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Why crate training puppies is great


Some owners may have reservations about using crates, thinking that maybe their dog will have a problem with it. Rest assured that dogs who live in the wild will find a tiny, cozy spot that will keep them safe and secure. When they are placed in a crate, it creates the same effect as a burrow would. This means the dogs will be comfortable with their small safe, and will look at it as their own personal home.

Things to do for crate training puppies the right way

Anytime you want to crate train a dog, you want to begin as early as possible. Puppies will adjust to the situation much easier than an older dog will. This is especially true if they’ve never had a chance to get used to sleeping anywhere else in the house. Of course, they are going to be whiney and upset at first, but this will cease quickly.

When you first begin crate training puppies, you want to place the crate in an area where the family stays. This way they will not feel completely alone and panicked. You can gradually move the crate away from the family until you have your dog staying in a room by himself. Until then, you want to make the transition as painless as possible for your pup.


Before you put your pet in his new home, you want to make sure the crate is nice and clean, comfortable, and make sure your puppy has everything he will need for the night. This includes water and any favorite toys he may miss. You don’t want to buy a crate that is too large or your dog will have the chance to have an accident. You only want the crate large enough for your dog to turn around.

One of the biggest tricks to crate training puppies properly is consistency. You cannot bring your dog out of the crate each time you think he’s scared. All this does is teaches him that he can whine and get his way. Only take him out of the crate if he is quiet and calm, and then you can give him a treat to show him that he is doing a great job.

The only way you are going to make this transition run smoothly is to slowly introduce the crate to the puppy. This means limit the time the puppy stays in the crate to an hour or two. Eventually, you can work up to keeping your pup in the crate long enough to get a full night’s sleep.

Crate training puppies properly is essential in teaching your dog to behave when you are away or at night when you are trying to sleep. It will give them a place to feel safe and secure while awaiting your return. Just remember, it’s always easier to teach a puppy than it is to teach an older dog.

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