What Should You Name Your American Cocker spaniel?

Dog names are fun, since they aren’t usually limited to what one usually thinks of as “people names”, like Jack or Mary.

You can name your dog for what he looks like (Spot or Snowflake for example), after your favorite movie (say, Hidalgo), for your mother, or for your first car! Be creative, have fun. But there are a few things you should keep in mind.

naming a dog

Practical Tips for Naming

Since dogs don’t know what a word means until you teach him, calling your male chihuahua “Tinkerbell” probably won’t insult him, in fact he may even enjoy the laughs it gets. And calling him “Killer” won’t fool anyone.

However, calling your Rottweiller “Killer” is another matter. If she ever acts aggressively, or if someone afraid of or unfamiliar with dogs even perceives her behaivor as aggressive, the fact that you call her by a dangerous sounding name could get you in trouble.

Also consider how the name sounds to the dog. For obedience purposes, it is best to use a one or two syllable name. Shorter names may be hard to differentiate from commands, which are usually one syllable words.

If you choose a short name, make sure it doesn’t sound like a command you are likely to use, or at least be sure to choose a different word for the command. Longer ones may be difficult to say quickly and authoritatively.

Try saying it a few times, and see how it sounds. Also think about running through the neighborhood calling “Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell!” and see how comfortable you’d be with that!

With these caveats in mind, here is a list of names to get you started.

Names of Places
(often named for people)
Male dogs: Female dogs: Male dogs : Female dogs
Axel Annie Austin Aso
Casey Ashley Brentwood Avon
Dexter Betty Chico Banda
Franklin Darcy Dallas Bashi
Gibson Dharma Dublin Berkley
Izzy Dottie Fargo Cheyenne
Jack Gertie Fremont Cairo
Jake Hannah Fulton Carson
Lincoln Katie Harvard China
Monroe Lucy Hilton Devon
Newman Margie Jasper Gaia
Otis Mollie Kansas Haifa
Samson Oprah Kenya Jaffa
Spencer Penny Kobe Java
Trevor Suzie London Kelso
Winston Tipper Logan Kenya
Milton Leiden
Nanking Memphis
Princeton Mersey
Rio Paris
Tahoe Sydney
Westwood Tara
Famous Dog Names Descriptive Names
Male dogs: Female dogs:
Angus Blackie
Asta Belle Brownie
Astro Cee Cee Smoky
Balto Cider Tawny
Barkley Cleo Boots
Benji Cupcake Socks
Bingo Daisy Patches
Buddy Fala Spot
Checkers Gems Star
Chips Ginger Goldie
Clifford Heidi Whitey
Eddie Jane Tiny
Farfel Lassie Moose
Farley Maggie Fluffy
Fluffy Millie Curly
Fly Nana Silky
Hooch Queenie Red
Odie Suzette Velvet
Names from Nature Literary & Cinematic Names
Autumn Sandy Alice
Bear Snow Bilbo Gatsby
Bunny Snowflake BJ Harvey
Daisy Summer Brutus Hawkeye
Dawn Sunshine Ceasar Heathcliff
Feather Starshine Chaucer Holden
Flower Stormy Dante Klinger
Iris Tansy Darcy Lara
Midnight Thunder Dorrit Molly
Moon Tulip Dickens Portnoy
Pansy Winter Elwood Rabbit
Rainbow Whiskers Ernest Radar
Raven Wolf Frodo Rhett
River Gandolf Poe
Delicious” Names Common Words
Apple Latte Angel
Ancho Mango Duke
Brandy Merlot King
Brownie Mocha Lucky
Candy Pepper Prince
Cherry Peanut Princess
Chili Pumpkin Queenie
Coco(a) Salty Tiny
Coffee Sugar
Cookie Taco
Gods  Goddesses
Ajax Neptune Chaos Iris
Ares Pan Clio Juno
Atlas Pluto Daphne Leda
Castor Plutus Eos Maia
Chronus Pollux Flora Nike
Cupid Saturn Gaea Venus
Eros Zeus Hera Vesta
Hermes Mars

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