Why Do Dogs Lick Paws

Why do dogs lick paws

A dog licking paws or scratching over and over again is an annoyed dog so it is necessary to stop dog scratching immediately. Dog owners around the globe are anxious about helping their dog to learn not to obsess over scratching or licking. A dog licking paws or scratching skin can be initiated by external irritants like fleas or internal forces like being bored and under stimulated. Skin problems occur when over scratching is not addressed appropriately.

Why do dogs lick paws?

A dog owner must first discover the underlying cause prior to be in a position to stop dog licking paws or scratching. There can be a variety of reasons.

Allergies – Allergic reactions can be produced by plants, dust, fleas and food. Just like they do for humans. These allergies can cause a dog to lick paws incessantly. It can also cause your dog diarrhea.

Lack of Proper Nutrition – Dry skin created by an improper diet can result in open sores, eczema and bad hair. It’s better to keep them on homemade dog food till the excess scratching or licking persists.

Infections – Fungus, bacteria and yeast can cause infections of the skin. Signs of this include, but is not limited to swelling and redness, patches of skin without hair and sores that may or may not ooze.

Bugs – Fleas, flies, mites, gnats and ticks can motivate a dog to scratch the same spot over and over again. Sometimes, a dog stung by bee can lick paws or scratch skin vigorously. There are many choices in medication to end these annoyances.

Environmental – A big change in the environment, prolonged exposure to water, or other obsessive behaviors like digging can lead to scratching.

Neurological Issues – Separation anxiety, a lack of mental or physical exercise can all end in a nervous pet. A nervous pet may soothe himself by excessive chewing, licking and scratching. Sometimes, littermate syndrome can trigger their odd behaviors.

Now that you know why do dogs lick their paws, it’s time to stop it from happening more.

How to Stop Dogs lick their paws – The Imminent Vet Visit

Once you think you know why your pet is scratching you can visit your veterinarian for confirmation and for treatment choices. Don’t be shocked if full check up is needed to help make a diagnosis to stop dogs lick paws.

Allergies will probably be treated with little changes to your pet’s diet and antihistamines. Parasites can be destroyed with medications as well along with timely flea baths. Infections will require creams to use externally and antibiotics to treat the internal infections.

Stop Dog Scratching – Neurological Scratching

The cause of neurogenic scratching is harder to pinpoint and eliminate than the physical causes of scratching. The physical effects can be treated with medication or small changes in diet and exercise habits. But for obsessive, prolonged neurogenic itching, a special approach is needed.Why do dogs lick paws

Plenty of exercise is vital to stop dog scratching. It helps fight boredom. Boredom can lead to a nervous tic that causes your dog to lick or scratch constantly in a hypnotic fashion. Besides exercise, try adding a non-harmful spray that contains cayenne or bitter apple to his favorite spot to lick. This will help break them of the habit.

You can request a cone from your veterinarian. These cones will not let your pet to scratch those sore and itchy spots. You can remove the cone once they overcome the habit of scratching in those particular places and their activities more closely identify with normal behavior for dogs.Why do dogs lick paws

If these remedies do not work, or your dog seems to respond appropriately and then goes back to scratching and licking, you may want to consider a return visit to your veterinarian to stop dogs lick paws or scratching. They can once again rule out any physical problems that may have cropped up in the process of treatment.

You can never be too overprotective when it comes to protecting your dog. Paying proper attention to your pet will help in identifying why your dog is scratching so much, thus helping you stop dogs lick paws or scratching. Often the treatment is simple and the ailment is swiftly cured.

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