I Really Like My Field Spaniel

A Field Spaniel can be a working canine friend, or gun pet dog which is utilised to flush out game and is ideally used in upland hunting.  It really is believed to be a cross among numerous distinctive sorts of Spaniels, all of which originated as gun dogs.

History Of The Field Spaniel

History of the Field Spaniel reverts back to a time when pet dogs were beginning to be developed for showing.

The original purpose of breeding the Field Spaniel was to get an all black family dog for showing.  As a result of the short legs and somewhat lengthy body, there’s a theory that it was first developed as a cross between the Sussex Spaniel and also the Basset Hound.

field spaniel

This cross produced well being problems and the breed began to be crossed using the English Springer Spaniel to restore the Field Spaniel as a breed and save it from extinction.

These days, the Field Spaniel is considered a rare breed, even though it is nonetheless well-liked as a show pet dog and works properly as a hunting companion in the Field.

Look Of The Field Spaniel

The Field Spaniel has a dark coat of typically solid colors of black or brown.  While not as brief and long as the first Field Spaniels, the dog is long in proportion to height which is about 17 inches for a working canine.

An excellent Field Spaniel weighs about 40 pounds.  The lengthy coat makes it perfect for hunting in many kinds of weather and enables for the canine to be adaptable to just about any kind of way of life.

field spaniel

Hunters who live in modest quarters often like the Field Spaniel as a hunting companion due to the smaller size of this animal.

Use Of The Field Spaniel

Like most Spaniels, the Field Spaniel is an perfect flushing family dog that’s used for upland hunting.

This breed works nicely with not only hunting upland birds, but also little game including rabbits.

It isn’t a difficult animal to train and is usually less stubborn than other Spaniels, such as the English Cocker Spaniel.

field spaniel

In addition, it is a extremely sociable animal and will bond with other members of the family members and can get along properly with other pets, supplied they are not the natural prey of the canine such as rabbits, birds or rodents.

Hunters that want a smaller family dog that may be able to flush out game and may be taught to retrieve like the Field Spaniel as a hunting companion.

Grooming of the Field Spaniel

Grooming of the Field Spaniel takes some performing and this breed is often prone to ear infections due to their long coat.

Nails should also be clipped frequently on this family dog.

While the Field Spaniel is an ideal hunting companion with an quick going nature, care of the animal may present a issue to some hunters who do not desire to spend a whole lot of time grooming the animal.


The Field Spaniel is mostly seen inside the United Kingdom, but it is also utilised as a gun family dog inside the United States, while not with as much frequency.

This breed makes a fantastic all around hunting companion for people who hunt upland and modest game, are in search of a extra compact dog that flushes and could be taught to retrieve.



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