Information on English Springer Spaniel Breed

English Springer Spaniel Breed Information

You should never ignore your English Springer Spaniel, especially since they would never ignore you! Once they begin to follow you with your day to day errands, they will always want to do them with you.

If you are going for a walk, sleeping, playing, working or just doing whatever it is you do, your Springer Spaniel will want to do it with you.English Springer Spaniel

One look at the English Springer Spaniel and there is no denying this beloved dog. His attributes include a refined look that is of perfect size and personality. His Coat is soft and feathered in some areas. The English Springer Spaniel appears in shades of black and white or brown and white with large to small patches and even small spots.

His face has loving brown eyes, saying they will adore you forever. Their muzzles are perfectly proportioned between two soft floppy ears. Springer Spaniels are solid compact dogs fitting nicely in just about anybodies home.

The origin of the English Springer Spaniel ironically is said to originate in Spain. As this breed made its way throughout the British Isles, selective breeding has led to the Springer Spaniel of today.

The name Springer is derived from its early hunting days as he flushed or sprung the birds from their hiding spots, making their jobs easier. This cohesive relationship led to the more intelligent breed of today.

They do need plenty of guidance though since they instinctively respond to human commands. If they are not commanded they will then seek it, as they follow you around the house from room to room.

Unfortunately there hunting instincts will get the better of them, as they sniff out food to eat or their knack for begging for a piece of your spoils. As puppies they can be very rambunctious and may even knock down a small child on their way to get what they want.English Springer Spaniel

They are recommended for children between the ages eight to twelve. Plus they can be a little mouthy, so make sure to have plenty of chew toys available. English Springer Spaniels should have no problem getting along with other dogs. Lastly, some suffer from separation anxiety so do your best to not leave him alone for too long.

If you have not already done so, you should take your new English Springer Spaniel puppy to the veterinarian.

Be sure to take the puppy’s record of shots and immunization record along with any other health data you may have.

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Vaccinations for your English Springer Spaniel

The cliche an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure also applies to your English Springer Spaniel. Don’t wait for your English Springer Spaniel to get sick. Have your Springer Spaniel vaccinated against diseases. Vaccinations are cheaper than having your pet treated for disease.

Veterinarians agree that the immune system of your dog has to learn to recognize an infection so it can produce the required antibodies to combat it.English Springer Spaniel

Only vaccination can do this. Unvaccinated English Springer Spaniels can become very sick when attacked with a virus or bacteria because their immune system failed to respond faster. Vaccinations teach the immune system to react faster before the infectious agent can do damage.

When the mother dog is nursing, she is giving antibodies to her pups. These antibodies will protect the young ones but not for long. Once the antibodies from the mother are gone, the pup becomes an open target to many diseases.

Maternal antibodies, though, when still present in a pup’s immune system, makes vaccinations useless. For this, vaccinations must be made in a series. Shots should be made 3 to 4 weeks apart. Vaccinations at 8, 12 and 16 weeks of age plus annual boosters guarantee good health for your pets.

Recommended for dogs is the standard DAAPPL and for cats, FVRCP. DAAPPL combats distemper, leptospirosis, parvovirus, parainfluenza and hepatitis in dogs.

Cats are protected by FVRCP from calicivirus, panleukopenia and feline viral rhinotraceitis. These diseases are fatal and your pet needs to be vaccinated against them.

Of course, rabies is a big concern too and vaccination is important. At 16 weeks, your pup or kitten should be given rabies shot followed by an annual booster. Depending on the vaccine, the shot can be given every 3 years. The law requires that you have your pets vaccinated for rabies.English Springer Spaniel

But even if the law doesn’t require rabies vaccination, it is always best to have your English Springer Spaniel vaccinated because it will not only protect them from rabies but will also protect you from legal issues.

There are some cases when an otherwise healthy animal has to be euthanized because it was unvaccinated but later bitten by an unvaccinated animal.

Also, as a responsible English Springer Spaniel owner, be mindful of your dog’s lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle it leads exposes it to diseases in varying degrees. If you always enter your dog in dog shows or if your dog goes to boarding kennels, vaccinations for corona and bordetella will greatly benefit the animal.

Things Your Dog Should NEVER Eat

Dogs are not the living garbage disposals our doggie bags have made them out to be. Their appetites have been wrongly accredited to consume any leftover we may be too satisfied to consume.English Springer Spaniel

In reality, not all foods were meant for your dog’s digestive system. Certain foods can pose significant danger to a canine’s well being, — let alone health. Read the following food and beverages your dog should avoid:

No cocktails, beer or alcoholic beverages – can trigger a coma, intoxication or sudden deathBaby food – certain baby foods have onion powder which is toxic to dog breeds.

Bones – Poultry, fish as well as other meat sources – may obstruct a dog’s digestive system or cause a laceration

Cannabis or marijuana – may depress the nervous system. An altered heart rate along with regurgitation will ensue.

Cat food — is for felines not canines. Since cat food is usually high in both fat and protein, it’s not intended for dogs.

Chocolate, coffee, tea, and any other caffeinated beverages or food can be fatal to a dog’s nervous system and heart.English Springer Spaniel

Citrus oil – extracts may trigger regurgitation.

Fat trimmings – are not dog-friendly scraps because it causes pancreatitis.

Grapes and raisins – there is an unknown toxin that does not agree with a dog’s system and may damage the kidneys.

Hops can cause an allergic type reaction in dogs. An unidentified compound causes an elevated heart rate, panting, increase body temperature, seizures and even death.

Macadamia nuts have an unknown toxin that may impair the nervous and digestive and systems along with muscle growth.

Vitamin supplements intended for human use that contain iron can damage the digestive tract’s lining system. Not to mention it may damage other organs (in example: the liver and kidneys).

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