Diet Dog Food

Diet Dog Food

Being overweight is a big problem for the human population today. Did you know that dogs can also have problems with their weight? There really are some dogs that eat more than others. Also, if some dogs like to play a lot and are very active, there are dogs that prefer sedentary lives, and dislike any kind of activity. Because of these scenarios, there are dogs that become overweight. Like humans, excess weight can mean health problems. For dogs, this can lead to liver damage, kidney failure, and heart conditions as well.

In this regard, the big companies that manufacture canine foods have produced diet dog food varieties for pets with special needs. Diet dog food, just like regular dog food, come in different types, too. There are wet and dry kinds, as well as specific diets for larger or smaller breeds. Diet dog food may cost a little more than regular dog food, as the ingredients are more in tune with the needs of overweight pets. Most of these diet foods for dogs have less fat, less sodium, and less of other minerals.

Typically, a normal dog needs about 2/3 protein and 1/3 of fruit and vegetable in his diet. For active dogs like sporting breeds and sled dogs, more protein will be needed. Only a small amount of fats and oils should be introduced to the diet, and no sweets or sugar additives should be given. You can actually create your own diet dog food meals at home.

Some sources that offer homemade dog food recipes say that you can still use chicken or beef broth for cooking meals for your overweight pet, but be sure you use non-fat or non-sodium types. For vegetables, try adding sweet potatoes or zucchini, as they are low in phosphorus and are ideal for dogs with kidney problems.

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If you choose to add fresh ground meat in the dog meals you are cooking, look for lean ground turkey or lean ground chicken, as opposed to ground beef. Less fat and less cholesterol are present in poultry. Also, remember to give your dog extra minutes of exercise, to help him go back to the appropriate body weight.


Schutzhund trained dogs may be taught to protect people or objects, with or without commands. Guard dogs, attack dogs, and police dogs all are trained to protect. If they are trained with commands, they are specific so that the dog can discern and then attack a threat.

Schutzhund dog training can also be used to train an owner’s dog for obedience aims, although the owner will want to make certain to look into numerous training courses to ensure the success of their dog’s training and to understand the various philosophies the training explores.

Although Schutzhund dog training can be harsh and quite difficult, the skills that the Schutzhund trained dogs learn are very high and permit the dog to complete a task or respond to a command amazingly quickly and with the utmost efficiency, while dogs in more regular training programs may only accomplish the training with a rate of 20%.





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