How to stop Springer Spaniel Puppy from Chasing

Does your puppy chase anything and everything including other dogs, cats, cars… or people? Are you concerned for his life, or that you may end up losing him? Or maybe you are merely helpless because you do not have control over your dog. If some of these apply to you, you are not alone and this category will help you stop your dog chasing habits.

Chasing Puppy – How To Stop Your Puppy’s Chasing Behavior

If you are tired of your chasing puppy need to chase after things, then you have come to the right place to find out how to fix it. It’s vital to address this issue swiftly in the dog training process. For one thing, a the behavior of a chasing puppy can lead to risky situations for your dog and for others.

If your dog is chasing cars, he may go out into traffic, he may cause anxiety in a driver who could then end up in an accident or cause one.

chasing puppy

Chasing squirrels or other animals can turn a nice walk into a nightmare. Since keeping your dog tied up all the time is unhealthy, you must address this through dog training and stop his chasing puppy behavior before he becomes a danger to himself and others.

Chasing Puppy – Retraining is Required

Detrimental chasing situations can be addressed with basic dog training. Back to the basics, so to speak. Having a leash is helpful because you will want to have control and guarantee the safety of your chasing puppy while dog training.

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Chasing Puppy – Creating an Aversion to Chasing

So now we get to the dangerous chasing puppy behavior itself. Have a helper to role play with this part of the dog training. Come ready with a spray bottle also. Create a situation that will usually cause your dog to chase. Does he chase bicyclists? Joggers? The mail carrier? In order to stop the chasing, have the helper being chased use the spray bottle of water on the dog and powerfully say “no”. With a little exposure to this dog training technique your chasing puppy will soon learn that chasing and catching has undesirable consequences. This procedure may not work for every dog, but is effective for the majority.

Chasing Puppy – Maintain Focus

Many pet owners do not realize or are uncomfortable with the fact that they need to train their dog to keep his focus on his owner. The discomfort comes when the owner must prove that he is in fact the Alpha Dog. When dog training, confident leadership is vital. Your pet must keep his complete attention on you before beginning. The dog cannot move unless his focus is you.

Chasing Puppy – Learning the Leash

Pulling on the leash is a typical problem. Make them wait until you give them the signal to begin moving. If your chasing puppy pulls on the leash, then make her stop and sit for a moment. When you feel she has sat the right amount of time (typically a moment or two is all that is necessary) then you can begin walking again. You will always initiate the walking, never the dog. Do this exercise as often as is needed on the walk. Be calm, eventually your pet will make the connection of pulling on the leash to halting the walk.

Chasing Puppy – Try to Distract

When your dog will not focus on you, you can use a toy or other object that makes noise to get his focus back to you. This will also work when a dog begins to chase – you can move their focus from the object they wanted to chase at the start to a more desirable object.

Chasing Puppy – Unsuitable Techniques

Many feel the need to turn to shock collars and electric fences to train their dog’s undesirable behavior. These are inhumane and rarely effective in the long run. Think about consulting with a pet expert instead of resorting to these types of measures.

Your chasing puppy behavior may just start out as agitating, but it usually will escalate to creating risky situations. Solving the problem as early as possible will give security for your dog and peace of mind for you.

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