Dog Chewing

Are you tired of your puppies chewing on anything and everything including your furniture, clothes, shoes and more ? Are you concerned for your personal belongs and about the fact that your dog could eventually hurt himself ? Look no further, this article is what you need. Stop your dog chewing now!

How to stop a puppy from chewing ?

Trying to stop puppies chewing completely should not really be your core goal because chewing is regular behavior. However, you can use a dog training method that redirects puppies chewing to more suitable objects. It’s helpful to know that puppies chew for a couple of different reasons: they could be bored or they may be teething. Keeping your puppy active and his attention occupied will help distract him or her from feasting on objects that he shouldn’t be chewing.

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When dog training, some people think that screaming or hitting their puppy is an acceptable form of discipline. This can cause confusion for the puppy and may lead to other behavioral problems later on. And then there are people who fall on the other end of the spectrum and allow their new puppy to do just about anything (including puppies chewing), because they think that since it’s a regular occurrence, they shouldn’t ban the puppy from it. Of course, the puppy needs to learn that chewing on your possessions is wrong, but there are alternatives to hitting and being too allowing. You should give them some basic obedience training, it will help.


Helping your puppy to learn to not chew on your things can come in many differing forms. Remember that hitting and mean verbal reprimands do not help. It only bewilders the puppy during the dog training process. The puppy is not likely to be able to figure out what they did wrong, but she will know that her owner is angry and respond to that. Try the following guidelines when dog training.

Here is yet another way to keep puppies chewing to a minimum. Keeping your puppy from getting bored requires some work on your part, but stick with it and it will pay off. Puppies need to stay active and will chew when they do not know how else to keep themselves busy. When you are home, take them for walks, play ball, run around the yard and teach them to fetch. When you cannot be home, then provide them with cool toys. Spinning toys will also help prolong his interest in the toys you already have.

Puppies are very adventurous and chances are, when you are away, your puppy will use that chance to get into things they cannot get into under your supervision. Stopping access to the things they should not have by putting them into a cage (a crate), or even keeping them in a particular room will help. Just ensure they have access to the things they require – their bed and toys to keep busy.

To reduce puppies chewing, you should also consider this: there are some sprays out on the market that will make chewing on carpet, pillows and cushions taste bad to your puppy. Using these sprays will improve the life of your furniture and floor coverings. Sprays that contain cayenne pepper or bitter apple are humane, but are unpalatable. They will help your puppy quickly get the connection that chewing those items gives them a horrible taste in their mouth.

Often the most useful tool you have as an owner when dog training is learning how to implement behavior changes (including puppies chewing). It’s effective because it can be used in connection with any of the other suggestions listed. Give the dog things he is allowed to chew on and praise him. This boosts the connection that chewing on the “good” items is fine. Then when you find your puppy chewing on an item he cannot have, offer him an acceptable chew toy and when they accepts it, remove the unacceptable item and put it out of reach. Applaud him again when he uses the allowed toy.

Remember that while puppies chewing is normal, it should not involve your furniture, nor your fingers. When the dog is insistent, then retraining is demanded. You must relocate their unacceptable puppies chewing to an item they can chew.

The most difficult part of dog training is being consistent. As their owner, you have the right to create the rules and the responsibility to follow through with them. If you don’t want her to tug your socks off your feet or steal them from a laundry basket, then do not give her a sock as a toy.

End Thoughts

And don’t leave clothing around for her to reach. If you have stuffed toys that are off limits, then all stuffed toys should be off limits. To her stuffed toys are identical. She may not be able to differentiate which are okay to chew and which are not. Remain composed, above all. Your puppy will soon figure out what you are trying to teach her and puppies chewing will be a thing of the past.

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