6 Secret English Springer Spaniel Entertainment Ideas that they Love So Much

English Springer Spaniel breeds are always hyped 

One of the challenges you face as a dog owner is leaving your pooch alone while going to work. The headache is more than toilet training your puppies. Some pets, such as fishes and birds, need minimum to none attention. However, when it comes to canine companions like English Springer Spaniel , these four-legged friends need to be given maximum attention to keep them healthy and happy, while preventing them from engaging in any bad behavior, especially when they’re bored. 

English Springer Spaniel
Close up of Brown English Springer Spaniel dog sitting in a field.

Since your precious mutt can’t simply wait for eight long hours till you’re back, you have to think about entertaining him with something like best interactive dog toys or at least TV. So, here are top 6 things you can do to keep your dog entertained while you’re at work:

English Springer Spaniel dogs can be left alone when you

Turn on your TV

Believe it or not, there are specific channels and media streaming that are specifically aimed at stimulating, relaxing, and entertaining your dog to reduce anxiety. Channels such as Animal Planet and Dog TV have deliberately been aired to give you 24/7 programming of dog shows. With such a huge advantage, all you need to do is simply leave your TV on and, of course, don’t forget to add some volume.

Open the windows

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt if your dog looks out of the window just to see whatever is going on in the neighborhood. Although cats are known for this behavior, dogs too can really feel distracted and entertained when they have a chance to look out of the windows. Please note, if you have a small dog breed, don’t forget to place a chair or a cushion by the window where they can step on.

English Springer Spaniel in front of white background
English Springer Spaniel in front of white background

Set up a water station

Humans are not the only ones who need water the most. Dogs too require substantial amounts of water to stay healthy and energetic. Therefore, to keep your dog entertained, you simply need to have a steady flow of clean fresh water throughout the day. Remember, if your dog is thirsty, he may feel stressed and end up causing damages to your furniture or even to herself. To prevent this, purchasing a self-filling pet water bowl will definitely be the smartest move.

Add a comfortable bed

Dogs are fond of sleeping especially when they’re alone. In fact, they can sleep up to 14 hours a day provided they’re not distracted in any way. Having known this, one of the best ways you can encourage them to rest while you’re at work is by providing them with a fluffy, cushioned, and extremely comfortable bed that will keep them snoozing almost the entire day.

Use interactive dog toys

Of course, dogs need a form of stimulation to stay entertained. One toy is not enough as he might feel bored while multiple toys might cause injuries if you’re not careful. So, to prevent this, interactive dog toys, such as a PupPod Smart Dog Game is definitely what you need.

English Springer Spaniel toy
Source Amazon

This toy comprises a Red rounded PetPod Wobbler toy, a Blue pet dispenser and a mobile app that lets you interact with your pet while at work. The toy works by sending a command, which your dog is supposed to figure out. If he does, a treat is rewarded to him via the Pet Tutor or rather the Blue treat dispenser.

Since your dog will need to have as many treats as him little tummy can handle, he will have no other choice but to play with the toy the entire day. This could be the best remote control dog toy you can buy for your spaniel. 

Hire a walker

Finally, if you’re not comfortable enough to leave your pet at home all by herself, then hire a walker. Google dog walker jobs and you will get your service provider. Walkers are essential in so many ways as they not only provide your canine friend with some mid-day relief, but they also offer some human interactions that will keep the dog engaged for long stretches of time. 

Walkers also provide your dog with some exercises to protect your dog from obesity and maintain his mental health. In case your dog is not friendly to unknown people you may teach him basic obedience lessons first. 


They say that a busy dog is a happy dog. To me, I think a happy dog is a healthy dog. So, instead of leaving your precious mutt sad and lonely throughout the day, why not try some of these tips to keep him entertain.

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