How to teach a dog to Lay Down

How to teach a dog to Lay Down?

If you want to know how to teach a dog to lay down, you have to get your basics clear regarding some basic dog obedience training. That again comes under how to train a dog.  But it’s not about training only. Even you have to look after their entertainment needs.

How to teach a dog to Lay Down

Any dog owner would be proud to have a pet that would move with alacrity and obey a given command. After domestication, dogs became the wonderful companions and steadfast protectors of humans. Dogs have been domesticated but some individuals would run the owners ragged with their unmanageable behaviors.

To have manageable and obedient pets, it is imperative for dog owners to let the dogs undertake obedience training. Laying down is a very important command that will allow dog owners to take the pet everywhere they go.

undoubtedly, dogs are man’s best friend but not all of us are comfortable with large and ferocious dogs around. Thus when you have to pet someone like that, you should know How to teach a dog to Lay Down.

How to teach a dog to Lay Down

However, a dog that is lying on the ground would be less scary. A dog that was trained to lay down would be more manageable and would allow the owner to bring the dog anywhere without worrying that the dog would misbehave.

To lie down is an important obedience command that dog owners have to teach the pet. Even first time dog owners can teach the dog to lay down as laying down is a natural movement of dogs.

How to teach a dog to Lay Down

A dog owner’s most common problem though is to get the dog down on its haunches. Dogs are playful animals and getting them interested to the training would be rather difficult as the pet may view the training as a new game.


Dogs that already obey the sit command would be easier to train. Training would be easier if treats are used as rewards and a location with less distraction is chosen. Face your dog and command him to sit. Once the dog obeyed the sit command, reward the pet with a treat. Move a hand holding a treat downwards until the hand is positioned on the floor between the front legs of the dog.

How to teach a dog to Lay Down

The dog will lower its body to the ground to get the treat you are holding. As soon as the body touches the ground, give the command you are going to use. “Lay down” or “down” are the common commands that must be consistently used.

Give him treats and rewards so that he will get further encouraged to obey your command. Short training sessions must be repeated several times a day until the dog obeys the command even without the promise of treats.

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